Pretreatment chemicals & specialty Lubricants

We manufacture following metal treatment chemicals/specialty products

  1. alkaline degreasing chemicals for metal cleaning for both ferrous & non-ferrous metals
  2. pickling chemicals for all metals
  3. phosphating chemicals both low temperature and high temperature, tri cationic processes are available
  4. blackening chemicals- black oxidizing process for ferrous metal
  5. Heat treatment salts (neutral cyanide free) for hardening.
  6. soap lubricants used in both ferrous and non ferrous metal drawing/ cold forging
  7. water & oil based rust preventives for ferrous metals.
Phosphating plants
We manufacture manual or automatic phosphating plants both rack and barrel phosphating plants. These plants are automated by transporter wagon which runs on rails with support structures whose movements are controlled by PLCs.We provide turn key projects as per customer requirements  in this line.
  phosphating plants
Electroplating plants

We manufacture both rack and barrel plating plants . we manufacture both manual and automatic plants .  Auto-plants have automated transporter arrangements with PLC.We can provide turn key projects in this line. We can provide full support from designing to manufacture & commissioning suitable plants for clients.

CED Painting

CED painting is the latest technology which provides a eco friendly water based paint application process by means of electricity.
This technology provides uniform coatings on metal surfaces and gives salt spray resistance of above 1000 hours (ASTM B117)
We have specialized in the manufacture of CED painting plants with complete equipment like UF system, anolyte system etc. we can provide both manual and auto plants from small capacities to high volume plants.

This CED process is automated by Transporter wagons programmed with PLC for material handling and processing .

We can provide turn key projects in this line to our clients and also can give training in operation and maintenance of the plant.

Water treatment plants& ETP

We manufacture both domestic and commercial/industrial water treatment, ETP plants.
Our range includes:

  1. Iron removal systems
  2. water softening plants
  3. De-mineralising plants
  4. R.O/U.F. water purifier systems
  5. ETP for process waste water treatment

Air pollution control/ wet scrubbers

We manufacture fume extraction system with local exhaust hoods, FRP exhaust fans & duct systems for chemical process industries
We manufacture wet scrubber made out of FRP/PP with packed columns to capture chemical fumes from processes.

Solar process heating

We manufacture/deal in Evacuated Tube collector solar panels which will be more efficient on collecting solar energy. We also use heat tubes for heat transfer to process heating fluids.

We can design suitable solar energy equipment for your process heating requirements.

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